Solution Focussed Counselling Therapy

Welcome to Asterales Counselling Therapy


  • Do you really want to feel better?

    • Do you really want to deal with your stress and anxiety?

      • Do you really want to tackle those issues that you are unable to face?
  • Are you tired of talking through hours and hours of therapy and never getting anywhere?

    • Are you not having solutions that work and are wanting to see some breakthrough to make your life more bearable?

      • Are you wanting to work hard to work out what will work for you?

Please contact Asterales Counselling Therapy through the contact page

Services Include:

Anxiety Therapy, including for older teenagers – why wait and miss out on your life worrying

Couples Counselling – Sessions specifically based around the changing relationships for big events. All couples welcome

Grief counselling


What happens next?

As therapy is a relationship of growth for you, our sessions don’t start without a “getting to know you” session. This is a 30 minute conversation in which we discuss the reason you have decided now is the time, what you want to cover and how we will go about doing so.

It is also the ideal way to decide quickly on a day and time for your therapy to fit into your other responsibilities.

Don’t wait any longer to change your life with the solutions that you can achieve.

Please contact Asterales Counselling Therapy through the contact page


Couples sessions

Couples sessions from pre-marital counselling through all the changing steps of a relationship are offered in person or online, including retreats in the beautiful peaceful Irish countryside.

If you choose the retreat option, a package incorporating your interests and accommodation needs will be individually styled for you within your own budget.

Proactively building your life together in a healthy partnership.