Solution Focussed Counselling Therapies

Welcome to Asterales Counselling Therapies

Now that the world is coming through this period of confinement and coming to terms with living with a pandemic, I am offering appointments online for your convenience and experience.

As many are facing a new challenge to their daily lives, I am also still making many offers available, please check in on my Facebook page to see what is running now – and contact me for an initial chat to see how we can work together.

Between my website and the Facebook page, I trust that there is the information you are looking for to feel confident in my counselling technique to contact me.

We will then have a free 30 minute chat, online/phone/video, in which we can look at how we can work together to achieve the mental wellbeing that you are looking for.

The word “asterales” is the root Latin for the largest family of plants, I decided on this as the name of my business because I want to ensure that people remember that they are not alone and the majority of people have something that they would like to feel more settled about – be it anxiety, stress, loneliness, relationship worries, past events or wanting to be more confident and happy.

Any questions, please feel free to ask – addressing mental wellbeing is an area that affects our whole life and can achieve results which can help in so many ways. I work with people from the age of 16 upwards.


As we all have to consider our financial situations, then I have usually some form of special offer on, these I put on my Facebook page, so please click through and see what is available to you. Whilst many people are in the middle of claiming residency permissions and other Brexit fallout, then I am continuing to have my “Brexit offer” ongoing – going through the processes myself makes me very aware of the anxiety that it can lead to.