Solution Focussed Counselling Therapies

Welcome to Asterales Counselling Therapies


  • Do you really want to feel better?

    • Do you really want to deal with your stress and anxiety?

      • Do you really want to tackle those issues that you are unable to face?
  • Are you tired of talking through hours and hours of therapy and never getting anywhere?

    • Are you not having solutions that work and are wanting to see some breakthrough to make your life more bearable?

      • Are you wanting to work hard to work out what will work for you?

Within our first 30 minute free discussion, we will go through a short debrief of your problem and decide if we can work together to achieve a solution. After that, we will work through a number of mind exercises which have helped numerous people start to resolve their anxious and destroying thoughts. Your sessions are built around you, what works for you, what is best for you and where you want to go. My aim is that, working with an individually agreed system, we can see results in your daily life which spurs you on to make more sessions work for you, resulting in a more relaxing life quickly and with long term methods to keep it that way and ongoing support as long or short as you need it.