About Me - Rachel Cox

When I was younger, I was fascinated by the question why would anyone want to build a house on the sand or out of straw, rather than building something solid on a strong foundation which would last.

This is reflected in the way that counselling happens and the services which are offered to your from Asterales Counselling Therapies. Turning around the concept of counselling only being there for when you need it, to being there as, not only a foundation, but building block throughout the changes in your life.

From working through examination anxiety and worries about leaving home for the first time, through pre-martial couples sessions, to empty nesting and grief counselling, each session we will work at tackling any issues which are central to our ability to adapt to change and growth.

As change can bring uncertainty and confusion which can take awhile to adapt to, you are offered the time, space and support to explore your fears and feelings and develop a number of helpful ways to adapt the pathways of your brain to withstand and flourish in the face of these changes, as well as in the other intertwined parts of your life.

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